Sod Installation Minneapolis

Sod Installation Minneapolis

The Secrets of a Successful Sod Installation in Minneapolis

Sod is one of the quintessential elements of gardening & landscaping. It allows you to cover from a standard garden to large areas with its green elegance and good view. However, achieving a properly installed lawn is a real challenge. It requires much more than a basic knowledge of landscaping, or DIY. The wise thing to do is to count on excellent service from sod installation in Minneapolis. You must know how these specialists will make your lawn unique.

Which Lawn Should You Select?

Before the specialists start the project, you should choose the variety of grass you want. The experience of a great provider like Wagner Sod Company will help you do this. The ideal lawn will depend on the climate, the availability and quality of water, and the characteristics of the soil, , among others.

Keep in mind that there are different presentations of grass on the market. You can usually buy it in rolls, which will vary in size according to the quantity you require. The grass layer also comes in different thicknesses. It is preferable to select thin layers. These develop roots faster, more profound and make the grass more durable.

How Do Specialists Work to Lay Your Lawn?

  1. Soil Preparation

A successful installation requires good contact between the grass layer and the entirely clear soil. To achieve this, professionals start by thoroughly weeding the area, making sure that previous vegetation is removed from the roots. Then the ground must be loosened, as a hard surface will cost more for the grass to develop. After releasing it, a leveling is done so that the surface becomes uniform.

  1. Soil Analysis

Professional installers perform a soil test before the installation of the lawn. After the laboratory test, they will be able to determine the fertility conditions of the area. They will then proceed to stabilize the pH and add any missing nutrients (usually nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium).

  1. Sod Installation Process

Once the soil conditions are ideal, the soil will be moistened before the lawn is laid. You must bear in mind that it is best to install the staking as soon as it is delivered. You must coordinate with your supplier to provide the grass mat after the soil preparation work. If you select a full-service provider such as Wagner Sod Company, you won’t have to worry, because we will coordinate everything for you, for your peace of mind.

The specialists will plan the installation process, usually in the early morning hours. This will avoid the excessive sun, which will heat the floor and evaporate the water that has been previously laid. Also, the layer of grass on a warm surface reduces your chances of success. Finally, they will put the rows of grass in a straight line, taking care that it is perfectly aligned. To finish the project, they will fit the edges correctly, and water the stapled surface, which you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Trust the Best!

If you want to hire an extraordinary sod installation service in Minneapolis, you’re in the right place. Since 1960 Wagner Sod Company has been in the industry, serving a variety of satisfied customers in the greater Twin Cities area. We are the region’s premier provider and installer of sod and landscaping products, and we are here to serve you. Let us provide you with a service that will leave you more than satisfied. Get a Quote; we will be happy to assist you.

Sod Installation Minneapolis