Patio Shade Structure

Patio Shade Structure

Patio shade structures are not just protective, they can be beautiful assets as well. The remodeling experts at Smart Patio Plus can help you craft the perfect structure for your outdoor space.

What is a patio shade structure?

A shade structure is more than a roof, it is a critical functional and artistic piece for your outdoor space. There are many innovative ways to spruce up your yard without resorting to a style from decades past unless that is what you truly want.

Make use of landscaping, install the latest technologies, and strategically place lighting to highlight your new asset. When done right, you can easily achieve a return on investment of up to $50,000 in addition to gaining the perfect gathering space.

Five Ideas for Building the Perfect Shade Structure

Shade structures support a wide range of different ideas. They can serve as planters, create the perfect addition for a post-modern architecture, or spruce up a living space.

Among the most inspirational ideas, you can:

  • Grow plants around and up your structure for a true outdoor look and feel
  • Install louvered roofs to shed lines of light on your patio
  • Install LED party lighting for a festive mood
  • Highlight your Shade structure with Focus Lights

There is no reason to use the 1990s as a template for your future. Your ideas can come to life.

Landscaping around your Structure

While not a relatively new idea, growing plants around or on top of your structure is a way to build something unique. Plants come in many shapes and sizes.

Drap strands of flowers or ivy off of your roof for the look of a hidden garden. Carefully incorporate shrubs in any way you see fit.

Clean and Crisp Louvered Covers

If your idea of the perfect patio does not involve creating a forest, louvered patio roofs are another option. This option creates a modern look reminiscent of the art deco era.

This option is perfect when attaching the structure to your home. They come in wood, metal, and many colors. The Struxure Outdoor roof can sit on any pillar as well.

Lighting A Shade Structure

A masterpiece is nothing without light. Artists use light to their advantage, and, while it may seem counterintuitive a shade structure is no different than a work of art.

Focus lights can throw lighting into specific areas. LED lights are the perfect way to add color at an affordable rate as they last longer than other lighting options. Combine them for something magnificent.

Building the perfect Patio Shade Structure

With so many options, it can seem difficult to craft the perfect patio. However, the experts at Smart Patio Plus are ready to help you succeed. We can help you from creating your deck and patio plans to construction.

As the sole provider of Struxure Outdoor patio covers in Southern California, we also offer a distinct advantage. Get in touch with us today and start crafting your patio shade structure without compromise. We are full service.

Patio Shade Structure