Home warranty Gateway FL

Home warranty Gateway FL

Builders give homeowners a one-year new home warranty inspection for any safety concerns, adjustments, and repairs of specific appliances and various systems. Many homeowners delay contacting a third-party real estate inspection company to check their house for damages and defects covered by the warranty. The best thing you can do for your investment is to hire reliable home inspectors. So, if you’re looking for top building inspectors near you before your warranty expires, search no further than us at CMP Home Inspections LLC. Our detailed inspections can reveal any safety hazards or faults that could easily be overlooked.

Home Warranty Inspection Checklist

Within one year, your electrical and plumbing system will be under warranty. Additionally, in the next 12 months, any damage that can compromise the structure of your home will be repaired by the builder at no cost to you if you can prove the fault lies with the contractor. The checklist for your home warranty in Gateway FL entails:


The inspector will check to see if all the exterior decks have good flashing or whether they require bolt adjustment or fasteners.

Interior Finishes

By going through interior finishes, the common defects that can be uncovered are:

  • Loose corner beads, walls-ceiling crack joint tape, and nail pops
  • Mechanical installation damage on countertops and cabinets
  • Improper installation in interior doors, any necessary adjustments because of settling, and damaged or loose trim
  • Floor defects due to humidity
  • Air leaks in exterior doors
  • Poor installation, air leaks, adjustments required due to settling, loose trim, and deteriorated caulking in windows will all be investigated.


This confirms if there are loose baffles or sheeting stains from roof leaks. It also involves determining whether there’s damaged framing members and proper ventilation.


The roof can be one of the most costly parts of the house to repair if mistakes are not identified prior to the expiry of your warranty. An inspection focuses on multiple issues. They are:

  • Unsealed or loose fasteners and flashing
  • Improper installation
  • Storm damage
  • Roofing mechanical damage

To an untrained eye, all these issues are pretty easy to miss. For this reason, it’s vital to hire an experienced home inspector.


These line the roof of your home. Some of the most common issues that can be found in your gutters include poor slope resulting in damaged perimeter drains or ponding, as well as loose straps and connections. Such problems can lead to a buildup of hydrostatic pressure on your foundation’s exterior. Enlisting the services of professional inspectors in good time can help you avoid the cost of gutter repairs.

Second to None Home Inspection Services

What better way to protect your home investment than by scheduling a home warranty in Gateway FL inspection with us. At CMP Home Inspections LLC, we work with home buyers whose new home warranty inspection is almost coming to an end. As an educated homeowner, you’ll stand the best chance of having the builder repair faulty items discovered during an inspection. This is why the thorough and detailed services of our affordable home inspectors are essential. Contact us to discuss inspection and receive a quote: 239-295-0191.

Home warranty Gateway FL

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