Commercial Misting Fan

When searching for a commercial misting fan, consider Cool-Off for high-quality products made to last. Our misting fans are currently on sale and will do an excellent job of keeping you cool this summer. Provide your clients, customers, or employees a comfortable place to get out of the heat with a misting system designed specifically for your outdoor area. Feel free to speak with one of our product experts about your needs, and we'll recommend the right system.

What is the Best Commercial Misting Fan?

At Cool-Off, we highly recommend a high pressure misting system for your commercial application, since high pressure mist can reduce the outdoor temperature by about 30 degrees. That means employees taking a coffee break or clients going from one building to another can get out of the heat without soaking their clothes- and you can reduce outdoor temps from 95 to a refreshing 65 degrees at a minimum cost to your company. Check out our 14' High Pressure Commercial Misting Fan Kit with 1,000 PSI remote control pump, a great deal at just $1,495, half the cost of our regular price. Customize your system with additional fans, fan color, humidity options, misting attachments, climate requirements, and more.

What Does it Cost to Run a Commercial Misting Fan?

You can provide an oasis from the summer heat for less than a dollar an hour- an unbeatable cost, compared with air conditioning options that cost far more to run. If your company's outdoor spaces are inaccessible during certain months of the year or during midday hours, you can make full use of those spaces with a commercial misting fan system from Cool-Off. A mister can turn a hot gazebo, umbrella, or tented area into a virtual oasis from the heat, so employees can take their lunch outside or spend their break time in a more enjoyable atmosphere- and the costs of set-up and operation are both low.

Our Best-Selling System is On Sale

Consider Cool-Off's 60' High Pressure Mister with 30 misting nozzles, customizable to your exacting requirements. Your system will allow you to cut and insert each nozzle wherever you want the mist, making it more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone who spends time outside of your business. You'll also enjoy a 29% savings off the regular cost of this system when you purchase during our summer sales event.

Sunbrellas and Misting Fans

Pair one of our high-quality sunbrellas with a commercial misting fan and create the perfect temporary building around your business without the high costs of construction and air conditioning- you'll find it a great investment. Visit our 'Umbrella' section to find customizable sunbrella options and then chat live with one of our agents to inquire about the best misting system to cool off your shady oasis. You don't have to spend a fortune to beat the heat this summer- just use our products to provide a cool and comfortable space in any outdoor area.